Welcome to the Center for Image Guided Neurosurgery

The Center for Image Guided Neurosurgery is located at Medstar Washington Hospital Center, the largest hospital in the Washington, DC, and the only Level 1 trauma center in the nation’s capital. The physicians at this facility have a long standing tradition of excellence in the field of neurosurgery, which includes the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients with brain, spine, spinal cord and peripheral nerve disorders. When surgery is indicated, our surgeons have the expertise, training, and skills necessary to perform all aspects of neurosurgical procedures, as well as follow up care, to help patients and their families deal with their disorders. At our center, we have interdisciplinary teams that deal with adult brain tumors, cerebrovascular disease and stroke, minimally invasive spine surgery and spinal disorders, pain management, pituitary tumors, and neurotrauma. Most of these surgical procedures are performed utilizing state-of-the-art image guidance to help minimize surgical incisions and reduce recovery times after surgery. Some of these procedures can be performed on an out-patient basis, or with less than 24 hours stay in the hospital.